We see the landscape as a factor of quality of life, both aesthetically and environmentally, as a cultural and historical heritage that binds us about identity values.

Our motivation stems from the responsibility to preserve and improve the conditions of our territory for future generations, satisfying human needs on a balance of nature-economic sustainability.

TdP_Dibuix_paisatge (29)Our philosophy is to make a design to suit customer requirements, covering all your needs, offering the best solution for the project, from management of resources to the meticulous attention to detail, and coordinating all phases of implementation. The different scales of intervention work ranging go from territorial studies, impact studies and integration in the private garden through public and community spaces.

We always have in mind the time dimension, the constant change of the plant elements, beauty that evolves and transforms the landscape, through the prevision, proposing the management and maintenance of the project over time.

We place special emphasis on the most appropriate plant selection for the weather and place and more rooted in the culture of the territory, always in dialogue with the materials and elements that structure the space.