Aimed to cover the needs of studies, reports and projects of management and planning of public space, and communication needs, participation and training for landscape formation.

Undeveloped land
– Impact studies and landscape integration (EIIP)
– Design of scenic routes
– Evaluation of landscape units and possibility of interventionTdP_Dibuix_paisatge (26)
– Study of connectivity of green areas or areas of natural value
– Project of management and intervention in the natural and rural environment
– Landscape restoration of quarries, rivers, or road infrastructure

Urban Land and developable
– Drafting bylaws cityscape
– Landscape development projects Reports
– Studies of general distribution of services and recreational areas
– Landscape integration of urban areas
– Adequacy of access to populations, roundabouts, road and links
– Municipal management through GIS

– Research and communication projects
– Teaching in landscape
– Drafting and coordination of landscape cards
– Studies of profitability of landscape policies
– Collaboration in drafting land use instruments